How to Prevent Electrical Fires at Home

Electrical fires claim over 200 Australian homes every year. However, many electrical blazes can be prevented by taking the right safety measures. This comprehensive guide provides 12 essential tips to reduce electrical fire risks in your home.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires at Home - Everything Electrical Sydney

1. Inspect Wiring in Older Homes

Outdated wiring in older homes is more prone to deterioration and faults. Have a licensed electrician inspect the condition of older wiring and update any frayed, cracked or damaged wiring immediately.

2. Avoid Overloading Circuits

Plugging too many appliances into outlets on one circuit frequently overloads the circuit and leads to overheating and fires. Distribute load across more circuits or install additional circuits.

3. Use Surge Protectors

Power spikes can overload circuits. Use quality surge protectors for expensive electronics and appliances, and ensure they are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certified.

4. Install Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

AFCIs detect dangerous electrical arcing in wiring and cut power to prevent fires. Have them installed in your home’s electrical panel to protect all circuits.

5. Use GFCIs in Wet Areas

Install ground fault circuit interrupters in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas prone to moisture. GFCIs prevent shocks and electrocution.

6. Replace Damaged Cords

Inspect all electrical cords for damage like frayed or exposed wiring. Replace any damaged cords immediately to prevent shorts and sparks.

7. Avoid Extension Cord Overloads

Never overload extension cords or use them as permanent wiring. Ensure extension cords used temporarily are properly rated for the appliance load.

8. Check Electrical Connections

Loose electrical connections can overheat and spark fires. Inspect outlets and switches for signs of loose wiring and contact an electrician for repairs.

9. Update Light Fixtures

Use light bulbs that match the rated wattage for their fixtures. Overheated fixtures can ignite nearby combustibles.

10. Keep Flammables Away from Electricals

Avoid placing towels, clothing and other flammables near outlets, heaters and lamps where overheating could ignite them.

11. Test Smoke Alarms Frequently

Working smoke alarms provide critical early fire detection. Test them monthly and replace batteries annually.

12. Hire a Licensed Electrician

Never take electrical risks yourself. Have any electrical issues or updates completed safely by a licensed professional.

Being vigilant and proactive about electrical safety significantly reduces the risks of catastrophic fires. Contact a qualified electrician immediately if you notice any signs of electrical problems.

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