Understanding the Role of a Level 2 Electrician

Electricity powers the modern world. From homes to hospitals, farms to factories, we rely on the flow of electrical current for everyday life. Ensuring a safe, reliable electricity supply requires a vast infrastructure and an army of skilled professionals. Electricians are the specialists at the frontlines managing this complex system. In particular, Level 2 electricians are the experts in high voltage configurations and critical supply networks.

Understanding the Role of a Level 2 Electrician - Everything Electrical Sydney

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the vital role and specialised expertise of a Level 2 electrician. Discover what sets them apart and why their skills are indispensable for powering society.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

Electricians in Australia are classified into levels based on their qualifications, expertise, and certifications. Level 1 is the entry-level, while Level 2 electricians have advanced skills and experience.

The key capabilities of a Level 2 electrician include:

  • Working on high voltage systems above 1000V AC and 1500V DC
  • Servicing private power poles, overhead lines, and underground cabling
  • Installing and maintaining complex electrical systems
  • Connecting and disconnecting electricity supply
  • Providing specialised services as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP)

Their specialised expertise empowers Level 2 electricians to handle critical electrical infrastructure safely and compliantly. This sets them apart from entry-level electricians focused on basic residential and commercial services.

Why are Level 2 Electricians Important?

Advanced economies like Australia depend on uninterrupted, high-quality electrical power. Level 2 electricians play an indispensable role in overseeing the complex networks that supply this electricity.

Expertise in High Voltage Systems

High voltage systems above 1000V AC are essential for transmission and distribution across the grid. They also power large-scale infrastructure like factories, mines, and commercial districts.

Level 2 electricians have the advanced skills and accreditation to service these systems safely. Their expertise is crucial for:

  • Transmission substations – critical nodes where voltage is stepped up for efficient transmission.
  • Power transformers – raise or lower voltage for distribution and end-use.
  • Switchgear – regulates and protects high voltage circuits.
  • Busbars – distributes power within substations.

Without Level 2 electricians, these vital systems would present serious safety risks and reliability issues.

Servicing Supply Networks

Level 2 electricians install, maintain, and repair both overhead and underground electricity supply lines:

  • Overhead – power lines on poles and towers for street lighting, rural areas.
  • Underground – buried cables for modern urban environments.

Their skills allow electricity networks to expand into new communities while meeting safety and aesthetic requirements.

Connecting and Disconnecting Supply

Construction, maintenance, and emergency repairs require the ability to safely connect/disconnect electricity supply. As accredited experts, Level 2 electricians can securely control power to sites and equipment. This is essential for:

  • New builds and renovations
  • Temporary supplies
  • Fault finding and repairs
  • Isolating damaged lines

Without these capabilities, worksites and communities can be left dangerously energised or cut-off unnecessarily.

Meeting Stringent Compliance Standards

Electricity networks must adhere to strict industry regulations and safety standards. As Accredited Service Providers, Level 2 electricians have the qualifications and experience to perform critical tasks compliantly. This expertise is invaluable for ensuring legal, safe power supply.

Clearly, Level 2 electricians are the backbone of reliable, secure, and compliant electrical infrastructure across Australia.

Responsibilities and Duties

Let’s look closer at the typical responsibilities and duties performed by a Level 2 electrician:


  • Placing and connecting transformers, switchgear, substations
  • Running overhead lines between poles
  • Trenching and laying underground cables
  • Connecting supply lines to premises
  • Installing complex systems in commercial sites

Maintenance and Repair

  • Inspecting lines, poles, substations for faults and damage
  • Diagnosing issues with transformers, switchgear and other equipment
  • Replacing worn or damaged cabling and accessories
  • Updating old infrastructure to meet new demand

Testing and Commissioning

  • Testing systems for electrical safety and compliance
  • Certifying new installations are compliant and ready for service
  • Recommissioning networks after maintenance or repair
  • Ensuring systems perform to specifications

Documentation and Reporting

  • Documenting all work, test results, and certifications
  • Managing electrical schematics and drawings
  • Reporting any hazards or non-compliant issues

Emergency Response

  • Attending to power outages and electrical faults
  • Investigating issues and restoring supply ASAP
  • Safely disconnecting components and making sites secure
  • Providing support during storms, fires, floods etc.

This diverse range of technical, safety, compliance, and infrastructure duties underlines the importance of Level 2 electrician capabilities.

Becoming a Level 2 Electrician

To gain Level 2 accreditation, electricians must meet stringent requirements:

  • Complete an electrical apprenticeship
  • Hold an unrestricted electrical licence for 2+ years
  • Gain specific high voltage experience
  • Complete advanced training courses
  • Pass assessments in safety procedures and regulations

Upon satisfying these prerequisites, electricians can apply to Energy Networks Australia for formal recognition as Accredited Service Providers. This ensures Level 2 electricians meet rigorous national standards for knowledge, experience and competency.

The investment in advanced skills and accreditation enables Level 2 electricians to fill a critical niche in electrical infrastructure. Their specialised expertise and strict qualification process makes them indispensable experts across residential, commercial and industrial electrical services.


Modern society revolves around access to a safe, stable electricity supply. Delivering this vital utility requires both an expansive infrastructure and an army of skilled professionals. Among these experts, Level 2 electricians are the vital players responsible for managing high voltage systems and critical supply networks compliantly and safely.

With advanced technical skills, stringent qualifications, and invaluable experience, Level 2 electricians power the cutting edge of the electrical industry. Their niche expertise empowers them to handle complex duties safely, pushing innovation while ensuring reliability. When it comes to mission-critical electrical services, Level 2 electricians are the experts to trust. They are the unsung heroes energising our world.

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