How to Install an Electric Car Charger at Home

Electric vehicles (EVs) are surging in popularity in Australia, offering a sustainable transportation option. While public charging stations are expanding, one of the key benefits for EV owners is the ability to conveniently charge their vehicle at home.

How to Install an Electric Car Charger at Home - Everything Electrical Sydney

Installing a home EV charger provides flexibility and cost savings. This guide explains the process for Australian households looking to electrify their garage.

EV Charging Basics

There are a few key considerations when installing a home EV charging station:

Types of Chargers

There are different levels of EV chargers:

  • Level 1 – Slow charging via a regular wall outlet. Best for overnight top-ups.
  • Level 2 – Faster charging via a dedicated 240V circuit. The preferred option for convenient daily home charging.
  • DC Fast Charge – Rapid 30min charges at public stations. Not currently practical for residential use.

For most Australian homes, a Level 2 charger offers the best balance of speed and practical installation.

Power Supply Capacity

Before installing an EV charger, it’s important to have a qualified electrician assess your electrical system’s capacity. EV chargers have high power demands, so your supply needs to be robust enough to support the additional load.

Upgrades like a new metre board may be required if capacity is insufficient.

Dedicated Circuit

A dedicated circuit is ideal for powering an EV charger cleanly and safely. This isolates the high electrical load, avoiding tripped breakers or power fluctuations.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Once you understand the basics, here is how to tackle the installation process:

Choose an Experienced Electrician

EV charger installation is complex, involving high voltage electrical work. Hiring a qualified electrician experienced with EV chargers is strongly advised. They’ll ensure Australian standards and safety regulations are met.

Determine the Location

Consider the best location for the wall-mounted charger near your parking area. Optimise for:

  • Convenience of charging your EV
  • Protection from weather
  • Minimal distance from the switchboard
  • Safety and accessibility

Take into account any hazards like flooding or vehicle impact.

Mount the Charger Securely

Your electrician will securely mount the charging unit on a wall or sturdy pole. The mounting height and position must allow convenient charging access without ever being strained.

Install the Dedicated Circuit

Your electrician will run wiring from the switchboard to your new EV charger location. This dedicated circuit ensures consistent, uninterrupted power supply.

Choose a Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers deliver faster charging speeds by utilising higher 240V power:

  • Typically charge 20-60 km of range per hour of charging
  • Require installation by a qualified electrician
  • Offer convenient daily home charging solution

Level 2 is the preferred option for most Australian households.

Consider Smart Charging Technology

Smart chargers allow app or voice control and can integrate with rooftop solar and battery storage systems. This allows you to maximise self-sufficiency and only draw grid power when needed. Discuss options with your electrician.

Additional Factors to Consider

Charging Speeds

The charging capacity depends on the car model and charger power rating. Most Level 2 chargers deliver 20-60 km of range per hour of charging. Understand your vehicle specs when selecting a charger.

Installation Costs

A typical Level 2 home installation ranges from $1200-$2000 but can vary significantly based on site conditions. Get multiple quotes to find the best value electrician.

Electrical Upgrades

If your home’s electrical capacity is insufficient, upgrades like a new switchboard may be required first. This can add $2000-$5000 to costs. Your electrician will advise if upgrades are needed.

Benefits of Home EV Charging

  • Convenience – charge your EV any time at home
  • Cost savings – cheaper than public rapid charging
  • Speed – faster than a standard wall outlet (Level 2)
  • Control – monitor and schedule charging remotely

Installing an EV charger provides freedom and savings for Australian EV owners. Follow this guide and hire a professional electrician for safe, efficient charging at home.

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