How to Choose a Security Camera & CCTV System

Protecting your property is a top priority. A well-designed CCTV system with strategic security cameras allows you to monitor your home and deter unwanted activity. With the vast range of camera and CCTV options now available, making the right choices for your needs is key.

How to Choose a Security Camera & CCTV System - Everything Electrical Sydney

This guide covers the essential factors to consider when selecting security cameras and building the ideal CCTV system for an Australian home.

Determine Your Surveillance Requirements

Assessing your needs is the critical first step in choosing a security camera setup. Consider key factors like:

  • Property size and areas requiring monitoring
  • Indoor vs outdoor surveillance
  • Number of cameras needed for comprehensive coverage
  • Special features – motion detection, night vision etc.
  • Wired or wireless preferences
  • Storage and accessibility requirements

This ensures you choose cameras and a system design aligned to your home’s unique requirements.

Wired vs Wireless Security Cameras

A core decision is choosing between wired or wireless camera models:

Wired security cameras

  • Reliable power and connectivity via coaxial cables
  • Higher video quality potential
  • Challenging to retrofit/relocate
  • Require professional installation

Wireless security cameras

  • Flexible placement without cabling
  • Simpler DIY installation
  • Built-in WiFi for remote viewing
  • More prone to interference than wired

Evaluate your installation environment and usage to guide your choice appropriately.

Key Features That Enhance CCTV Capabilities

High-Resolution Video Quality

Look for 1080p or 4K resolution to capture critically sharp and detailed footage of any activity. Lower resolution cameras struggle to identify faces or number plates.

Comprehensive Field of View

A wide field of view (80-100 degrees) allows a single camera to monitor large areas effectively. Narrow views create blind spots.

Weatherproof External Cameras

Outdoor security cameras must withstand Australian weather extremes. Durable construction and waterproofing provides 24/7 performance.

Infrared Night Vision

Cameras with infrared night vision monitor activity even in total darkness. This 24-hour surveillance capability is strongly recommended.

Storage and Connectivity Considerations

Local Storage Options

Footage can be recorded locally to:

  • NVR – Network Video Recorder stores and manages footage from multiple cameras centrally.
  • SD Card – Individual cameras store footage directly to SD cards inside.
  • Hybrid – Use SD cards for short term storage and NVR for long term archives.

Remote Monitoring

Connect cameras to your home WiFi network to enable:

  • Smartphone monitoring app
  • Live and recorded footage streaming
  • Alert notifications

Cloud Storage and Monitoring

For enhanced security:

  • Cloud storage protects footage even if hardware is damaged/stolen.
  • Professional monitoring services can respond to alerts on your behalf.

Specialised Camera Types

  • Battery/solar powered – Allow flexible wireless placement without wiring.
  • Dome cameras – Compact design with 360 degree views.
  • Hidden cameras – Discreet surveillance, ideal for high risk areas.
  • Thermal cameras – Detect movement based on heat signatures rather than visible light.

Achieve Complete Home Protection

A well-designed CCTV setup with strategic camera placement provides:

  • Visibility of all access points like doors and windows
  • Coverage of high risk areas like driveways and backyards
  • Monitoring of shadowy or obscured areas
  • Redundant coverage in case a camera fails

Consulting a home security professional ensures you achieve comprehensive surveillance tailored to your property.

Partner With CCTV Installation Experts

Choosing and installing a security camera system yourself can be complex. For guaranteed results, partner with CCTV specialist installers like Everything Electrical.

  • Our experienced team handles the entire process:
  • Site survey and needs analysis
  • Camera selection optimised for your home
  • Professional installation and setup
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

For a customised CCTV system that provides robust protection of your family and property, trust Sydney’s home security experts.

Prioritise Home Security With Everything Electrical

At Everything Electrical, we understand the pressing need for home security. Being the go-to professionals in Sydney, we’re dedicated to providing the most secure and technologically advanced CCTV solutions for residential, commercial, and strata properties. Contact us today for a free consultation and take the first step towards fortifying your home’s security.

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